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business acumen

Why Business Acumen?

Business Acumen Training

Why business acumen? 

While most people understand their job, study after study demonstrates that the majority of employees don’t understand the business of their business. And CEOs desperately need them to.  

Business acumen is the key to any successful learning and development initiative– without it, individuals will struggle to make a meaningful impact on business results.


Continuing the strategic, finance, and business acumen training of your employees is essential, especially now that COVID-19 has reached pandemic levels. Corporations need employees who aren't confused about the strategy of its leaders, but have the tools to remain aligned, engaged, and productive. Virtual business acumen can bridge the gap.

Business Acumen Training

To teach the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to execute your strategy, we can't just pull a solution off the shelf (nobody can). To be effective and generate a return, business acumen training has to be about your business specifically. And, of course, your business isn't the same today as it was yesterday– that's why you need an agile training partner who will prepare your employees to stay ahead of the rapidly changing environment your company operates in. A generic 101 course, or an outdates solution can't do that. But we can.

Unfortunately, the development of business and financial acumen has been overrun by professors and internal finance teams who have complicated the subject and by vendors who think the subject needs to be dumbed down in order for it to be understood. We were born to give companies a better alternative.

Customized Business Acumen Training


To really see a return on your investment, business acumen training has to be customized to the strategy and metrics that are important to your CEO and to a participant’s specific role and responsibilities.

Interactive Business Acumen Training


Our blended approach of Socratic discussion, intuitive models, gamification, teach-backs, and hands-on activities make business and finance training interesting, relevant, immediately actionable, and fun.

Actionable Business Acumen Training


Our courses give your employees solutions and insights into the work they do every single day. The tools, follow-up materials and check-ins we offer extend the learning well beyond the classroom and ensure learning retention.

Global Partner Business Acumen Training

A Global Partner for Global Success

An investment in custom business acumen training will yield huge dividends on an individual and organizational level. That's why hundreds of companies in 35 different countries (including 22 of the Fortune 50) with renowned learning and development programs have turned to Acumen Learning's deeply experienced team to develop employees who see the big picture and make smarter, faster, and better business decisions. 

No Games, No SIMs, No Lectures

Instead of dumbing down your business and spending valuable time teaching people how to play a board game or run a computer simulation, we teach your employees substantive skills- we teach them to have a deeper understanding of how their company makes money and the skills needed to play a more meaningful role in that money-making process.

You'll find our competitors emphasizing their vehicle (a game, a simulation, a gimmick) over you desired destination (measurable success). An off-the-shelf solution simply won't produce a measurable behavioral impact. And if you do decide to expand the budget to develop a proprietary business simulation, remember that with every innovation or strategic change your company makes, your expensive simulation becomes more and more irrelevant and out-of-date.

A boring lecture that goes over your employees' heads won't cut it either. What does work is our blended approach that makes business and finance interesting, relevant, immediately actionable, and dare we say, fun.

Participant Feedback

There are a lot of people who would rather have a root canal than a course on financial statements. Yet most of our clients have reported that we are one of their top-rated offerings– if not their very top. Don’t be surprised if you get the same results.

I attended the class with the hopes of learning about our business generically. What I received is how our products, culture, communication, and business impacts our strategy on a micro and macro level. I endorse the class so much that I think it should be mandatory for all associates. 

Anthem - Course Participant

I came into the course skeptical but “required” to attend. Finance is not something I really enjoy or feel competent about. However, this was the best and most relevant training I have received in a decade. We covered a lot of ground and I have a lot more to learn, but this course created a desire to learn more about our business and how I can better contribute to our success. 

Sodexo - Course Participant

Seeing the Big Picture

We wrote the book on business acumen training.​

There's only one #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller dedicated to the subject of business acumen – we wrote it.

Called an MBA in under 180 pages, Seeing the Big Picture captures the basic principles of our customized business acumen training.  

We know your industry - We promise

Acumen Learning has emerged as the most complete business and financial acumen solution, capable of teaching any professional from any industry about the business of their business. And we do it in a way that is both clear enough to reach the individual contributor and sophisticated enough to challenge the experienced executive.  

Business Acumen Training Lesson

For every new partnership, we not only research and study our new client’s business – we conduct an industry study which includes financial fact-finding on at least three of their top competitors and research into their customers and partners. We bring this deep industry expertise to deliver impactful solutions that help participants gain financial literacy and understand the competitive moves, consumer shifts, and industry pressures that guide their corporate strategy.

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