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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference


Acumen Learning's CEO, Kevin Cope has been invited to share his thoughts and ideas with Microsoft's partners. Kevin will be hosting two different session, both focused on business acumen

Secrets, Formulas and Wisdom. How to Sell to an Executive by Thinking Like One

If you're either intimidated by people with "chief" in their title, or you're tired of not being invited to their meetings - this session is for you. Learn how to gain credibility by speaking their language. Learn how to position and align your solution based upon their priorities. Learn the answers to 10 questions that you better know the answers to. Knowing the answers to these 10 questions will elevate your status to a sales rock star! Learn the secrets that will help you position yourself as an indispensable resource and asset that your clients don't want to lose. You've heard of a trusted advisor and chances are you've received some fluffy training on how to obtain this status, or read a few books - this session is different. If you're looking to elevate your sales and gain personal credibility with executive officers, don't miss this session. Attendees will return to work energized and ready to have more meaningful dialogue with the ultimate decision maker.

What You Don't Know That the World's Greatest CEOs Know: How to Succeed in Turbulent Times

When you come right down to it, we make business harder than it needs to be. The best CEOs, the ones whose companies make money year after year, have figured out how to simplify the complexity of business. In this session, learn the five business drivers that are at the heart of any business's success. Wrap your head around these five drivers and you'll change forever the way you think about business. This new way of thinking will help you see business more like an investor and figure out the right strategy and priorities that will prosper in turbulent times. You also receive a free tool that will help you assess your total business and answer 10 questions that every great CEO knows the answers to. Whether you're currently a CEO or you want to think more like one, don't miss this session. Attendees will return to work pumped and ready to do some serious business.

Microsoft's WPC 2010

Does your sales organization need a kick in the pants? Whether you're looking for a great keynoter for a workshop or a full-blown business acumen for sales course - Kevin and Acumen Learning can help. Call us to learn more about our solutions for your sales team. 801-224-5444


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