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Letter for Cisco


We deliver business acumen training live and in-person for the majority of our clients, but our newest Business Acumen client is Cisco… and in true Cisco fashion, we're delivering the training virtually using Cisco's WebEx platform.

With this arrangement participants are sent out their training materials and a copy of Ram Charan's book, "What the CEO Wants You to Know" prior to the session. As part of this packet of information Cisco asked that we write a welcome letter to participants that gets them excited to participate in the course. This simple exercise helped us articulate some of the real benefits of business acumen training - and so we figured we'd blog about it and share it with our readers.

Date: June, 2010

Cisco Financial Basics | Building Business Acumen

Dear Participant:

Cisco Financial Basics | Building Business Acumen is so much more than just a finance course. Based on the teachings of Ram Charan’s book WHAT THE CEO WANTS YOU TO KNOW, you’ll learn that every business is the same inside. This will help you simplify the complexity of business and understand your part in the big picture.

You’ll also learn a few secrets and formulas that will help you assess Cisco’s total business (or any business for that matter). Once you understand these fundamentals you’ll gain a clear understanding of what’s happening in the real world. Combine this basic financial understanding with your common sense (your business sense) and you’ll return to your work with the courage and conviction to provide focus, set the right priorities, and articulate how your priorities align with Cisco’s goals.

Those that report to you or others who you interact with in your everyday work life will recognize your new found interest in Cisco’s money making process and your ability to link your efforts to Cisco’s financials. Throughout your career you’ll find yourself exercising your business acumen in more complex situations and executing initiatives that drive profitable and sustainable growth. In short, you’ll be a leader of the business.

Come ready to participate, contribute to others’ learning, and develop new thinking and application to your specific roles. We look forward to your participation in this very important course that has the potential to elevate your success and your career.


Mark Wood & Ben Cook


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