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  • Kevin Cope

COVID-19 Wasn’t the Only Thing Breaking Your Business

It is clear that as the pandemic has divided employees from the office, converting your workforce into business-minded leaders became essential for success.

Business Acumen

Kevin Cope ACUMEN LEARNING CEO Author of Seeing the Big Picture

I read a tweet recently where someone said, “I’ve just been asked in a job interview if I used lockdown “to pursue any passion projects or personal development.”’ And it got me thinking — how will not just individuals but companies be judged in their navigation of 2020? Did they remain compassionate? Transparent? Did they maintain shareholder value? Did they not only survive but thrive? Going forward, employees have to prove that they can be great in their functional roles and also great for the business.

Employees need meaningful communication and relevant training to keep them actively engaged in the evolving strategy of their executives, but too often business strategy is left out of the conversation. According to