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CLO & Talent Management Forum Feedback


If you've read our last two posts you are well aware that Kevin Cope gets raving feedback whenever he has an opportunity to speak. Well, the accolades continue to come in and I'm going to blog them, until someone tells me to stop.

Recently Kevin received a perfect 5 on his Speaker Evaluation and a 4.93 for his Session Average at Richmond Events CLO Forum (it doesn't get much better than that).

Dear Kevin:

The 2010 CLO & Talent Managemnt Forum has received excellent reviews from its attendees, thanks in huge part to your hard work for providing the Forum with enlightening and provocative conference session.

Each year, attendees are asked to provide feedback on the quality and content of the conference program, which allows us to gauge our effectiveness and level of success. As a speaker at the Forum, we’d like to share the results with you. The attendees were asked to give each session a rating between 1 and 5 (with 5 being excellent and 1 being poor).

We’ve analyzed the results from your session evaluations with the following results:

Overall Value as a Learning Experience 4.91 Content Quality 4.91 Content match to program description 4.96 Needs met

4.93 Session Average

Speaker Evaluation 5.00 Presentation delivery

The following comments were also made about your session:

  • Excellent session. Could easily be a keynote with more time

  • All presentations should be at this level

  • Increased our xxx on the spot! The proof is in the pudding. It was delicious!

  • Excellent presentation

  • Excellent job showcasing your offering. Well delivered, highly engaging

  • Far and away the best presentation I've seen so far

  • Have the impact list pre-printed.

  • Loved interaction /w polling & videos & challenge to think bigger picture. Loved that this wasn't a sales heavy pres. Painted big picture of the pain and an 'easy' solution

  • Best session so far. Engaging & excellent. A bit less writing of bullets on screen so could attend. Some ok not so much

  • Very helpful info

  • Good interaction material. Real timer noting - good learning tool

  • Excellent

  • The presenter presented difficult info in a very simple, straightforward way. He made it interesting & engaging. I learned an awful lot

Kevin, thank you, again, so much, for all the time and effort you generously provided in putting together your session, and for your participation in making this year’s Forum another resounding success! Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Many thanks! Chyai Richmond Events


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