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Business Acumen Job Postings Surge


Employers like Google, Microsoft, American Express, and GE to name just a few, are increasingly looking to hire people with business acumen - and it's not just the finance departments that are looking for business savvy employees. For example, you'll find job openings from sales, HR, and engineering all looking for employees with business acumen.

According to the job site Simply Hired, job postings with the phrase "Business Acumen" have increased 97% since February 2009. Another employment site Indeed shows a spike in 2010 job postings referencing "Business Acumen."

These trends could have something to do with "business acumen" becoming more ubiquitous in business nomenclature, or it could show a trend that in a down economy employers want employees who understand their role in the money making process.

No matter the reason, it's clear that top companies are increasingly looking to fill coveted positions with professionals who possess business acumen.


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