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MetLife Reaches for New Horizon's

Business Acumen: MetLife

MetLife is one of the largest global providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefits, and serves over 90 million people in 60+ countries. But, would you believe me if I told you that they’ve also committed $500,000 to delivering vaccines to underserved communities across the U.S.? Or that their medically trained staff are volunteering to administer doses at vaccine sites?

When we were trying to decide which company we should focus on for our next Earnings Call Lab - MetLife really stuck out! Not only are they making an impact on the communities they are in, but they are an extremely diverse company in the middle of a culture change with their Next Horizon Strategy.

The pillars of this new business model are to “Focus, Diversify, and Differentiate”. What this means is that they are looking to:

  • Focus on generating strong free cash flow by finding the highest value opportunities and using their capital and resources there.

  • Simplify their business model to work more efficiently and provide the highest quality customer experience.

  • Differentiate themselves from competitors by exploiting their competitive advantage which includes their brand, scale, talent, and innovation.

To achieve these lofty goals MetLife has been focused on re-evaluating every portion of their business - and this has led to some BIG changes. Including diversification, selling of businesses, and more. With these changes, MetLife has been able to see an improved asset and liability risk profile, increased liquidity and resilience, improved business mix, and has spun-off their U.S. Retail Business. All of these things have been extremely beneficial during the tough economic conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s not to say that the business wasn’t impacted (and isn’t still) - it definitely was and is. They’ve seen record claims throughout the pandemic, but things are beginning to normalize.

Are you interested in MetLife, the financial industry, or in building your business acumen? If so, don’t miss our next Earnings Call Lab on Wednesday, November 17 at 11 am (Eastern) where we’ll teach you how to break down MetLife’s strategy and financial metrics.

You will:

  1. Learn our three steps to analyze an earnings call.

  2. Work through a real company case study – this month will be MetLife.

  3. Receive access to our earnings call workbook.

If you don’t have any financial experience or you’ve never listened to an earnings call before, don’t worry! We will break things down so they are easy to understand and actionable for you and your team.

Visit our website to register, or click here if you'd like to learn more about our experience in the Financial Services industry.


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