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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

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Who is Acumen Learning?
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Corporations need employees who aren't confused about the strategy of its leaders, but have the tools to remain aligned, engaged, and productive. Virtual business acumen can bridge the gap.

Seeing the Big Picture

You don't need an MBA to make a difference in your organization. 

Acumen Learning's customized business acumen training will help your employees be more engaged, more efficient and effective in their roles, and make better, faster business decisions.

Transform your workforce to be business leaders.

Whether you're looking for greater alignment, engagement, or productivity, business acumen training can bridge the gap. Empower your employees with the training they need to understand your company's strategy and financial metrics regardless of industry.

Understand Business Acumen Training

Understand your company's strategy

Business Acumen Training Important to CEO

Learn financial metrics important to your CEO

Business Acumen Training Matters

Know why your role matters to the business

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