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Virtual Instructor Lead Training (VILT)

How can you deliver business acumen training when your workforce is scattered around the world? Just ask Cisco. We’ve conducted over 30 Virtual Instructor Lead Training (VILT) programs to become one of Cisco’s highest ranked offerings. 


"Thanks for the extraordinary training. You managed to keep me engaged even though it was a remote web based training."

› Cisco, Singapore 


We get it. Whether it's budget pressures or a global workforce, sometimes classroom based training simply isn't an option. 

Fortunately for you, Acumen Learning has pioneered Virtual Instructor Lead Training - or VILT for short - and the results have even surprised us.

What is Virtual Instructor Lead Training (VILT)?  

VILT courses are live instructor-led programs conducted over the Internet. While the experience will be different, the goal is to give participants the same benefits of a traditional course taught in a classroom. Participants will connect to a virtual classroom using their own computer, and will be joined by an Acumen Learning facilitator.  

Global access 

Because VILT classes are delivered over the Internet, employees from around the globe can attend. It's a great way to bring together your culturally diverse workforce. 

Save on travel and time away from work 

Employees that attend Acumen Learning VILT courses help keep travel costs down. Further, VILT courses require less time away from the office. 

Engage with the class

We've gone to great lengths to ensure that students won't feel like their missing out if they attend a virtual course. We use tools like polling, video clips, break out sessions, and IM to help keep attendees stay engaged. We're also very aware of how these tools can get in the way of learning if not used in the right way, or if they are used too little or too much. To us VILT is as much an art as it is a science. 

Participants will realize pretty quickly that this isn't a traditional "sit-back-relax-check-your-email" virtual training. Students will be asked questions, they will be expected to participate in group activities, and hopefully they'll be so involved that they won't have a spare moment to multitask.  

Train more people 

Because L&D departments spend less on travel when they choose a VILT strategy - they can reallocate their budget to get more people trained faster.   

Bring your own technology or use ours

We prefer to use your supported virtual classroom technology to deliver your business acumen VILT course. We've conducted successful trainings using tools from Cisco WebEx, Citrix GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Live Meeting, and more. 

If you don't have virtual classroom technology in house - no worries - we've got you covered.